Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My body

Well, today I am grateful for my body.  I remember, after I had Zackary, thinking one day about just how amazing my body is.  And how divine our bodies are.  Anyone who has ever had a baby just marvels at the beauty of the creation of life.  It's still kind of mind boggling to me that we, together with our husbands :) and Heavenly Father, bring forth life.   I remember counting every toe and finger and hair on my kids and just marveling at their perfectness.  It truly is divine in nature!  This is the definition of Divine-Of, from, or like God or a god.  Synonyms: heavenly - godlike - celestial - supernal   No, I'm not saying I'm a god or anything I'm just saying that life is "of God".  We become partners with him in this beautiful journey.  I am so grateful that my body was finally able to carry, grow, and deliver babies.  My body was not working right in that area for lots of years and I wasn't able to breast feed my babies.  It made me so frustrated with my body.  Things may not always come easily with my body and it may not always do what I want it to, but still I am grateful for the beautiful gift of life that I have been given and that I have been blessed enough to give, as well.

I have not been very careful or nurturing to my body for quite a few years now.  I have had the desire to change my bad habits and improve my body but I just haven't had the drive to do it. 

About 4 or 5 years ago Brian bought Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer.  He's the P90X dude.  Well, basically he developed some workouts that only take 10 minutes to do.  It comes with a couple of DVDs with different workouts on them.  There are 5 workouts to choose from.  Each workout is designed to work multiple parts of your body all at once so that you don't have to work your arms for 10 minutes, then your abs for 10 minutes, then your legs for 10 minutes.  You work out for 10 minutes and you've worked all parts of your body.  The 5 workouts are:  Total Body.  Lower Body, Abs, Cardio, and Yoga Flex.  Now, if you do the Lower Body workout, it still engages your entire body with some really intense work on your lower body.  Still counts for all over. 

Anyway, we did the Total Body one once and the Cardio one once and I was out. It may only be 10 minutes but it kicks your butt! I'm telling you, you can't believe how much it works you out in just 10 minutes. Craziness!  Well, I decided to give it another try. I did Cardio and Yoga Flex last week.  I tell ya, I LOVE Yoga Flex!  It's tough but it's really great for my body because I feel so much more relaxed, less muscle and body aches and pains.

Today I decided to try the Total Body, Lower Body, and Abs. WOWZERS!!! Tough stuff! I was just pouring sweat!  It's amazing what he's come up with in just 10 minutes.  Gracie crawls under me, around me, and on me half the time but I figure I must be burning even more calories with her around.
My blood pressure is through the roof and I am 100 lbs over the weight I want to be.  I am so ashamed that I have let myself go like this.  I want to be healthy.  I really do!  I don't want to have to take blood pressure medication. I don't want to have to have knee surgery but I tell ya what, this last 30 lbs I've put on since my Trigeminal Nerve crap started up has really been wreaking havoc on my poor knees.  I know that it is a lot harder for my body to handle things I need it to when it has all of this extra weight to lug around.  I'm pretty pathetic! 

Anyway, I'm trying to make some changes. They aren't big ones.  I know I need to commit to making some major changes with my eating habits but I'm just not "there" yet.  I'm trying to make some little changes.  Nothing major.  I've cut back a bit on my sugar intake.  I'm really and truly addicted to sugar and carbs in all forms!  This morning I was so proud of myself for not eating the yogurt that Gracie took one bite out of and then refused to eat the rest of.  Also, the cereal that she just HAD to have but left half of.  I didn't eat that either!  I had already eaten a yogurt and some cereal.  I hate throwing away food.  It's just so wasteful!  But, under the circumstances, I think it's better that I throw it away rather than actually eating food that I'm not hungry for and will just add to my weight problem.  I ate salad for lunch today instead of the piece of lasagna that I really wanted.  I didn't eat any of the delicious french bread that my mom made either.  I'm choosing to eat a piece with my dinner but it's better than eating it 2 or 3 times throughout the day.

Also, I have been making more trips up and down the stairs than I already was.  I swear I go up and down them like ten billion times a day already.  But, sometimes I ask the kids to get me something from another floor so I've starting to make more of those trips up and down so that I'm still moving and not being so lazy!
 I just want to be healthier, and to make some changes, hoping that it really will make a difference.  We'll see how it goes...

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Kale and Rowdy said...

Ive been more and more focused on health the last few years too. Someone years ago told me their mantra for throwing food away or putting it in the fridge for later and I try to remember it because it's funny--"better to waste than around your waist". Anyway, I thought it could give you a laugh! :) and it helps me throw away the cookies I soooooondesperately want to devour. Because in the case of cookies, I can't ever put them away for later- I like them frozen and refrigerated and warm and I swear they even seem tempting from any hiding place I can think of. So they have to go in the garbage. Sad. But true.