Monday, January 20, 2014

The Craziest Thing Happened...

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I blogged last. I'm not using my one medication that makes me so lethargic anymore and I finally have internet and a minute to blog.  So excited to start it up again!! 


So, every year we like to buy a real evergreen wreath for Christmas. Usually we get it from Costco. This year a nice little boy scout came to our door in October and asked if we wanted to order a Christmas wreath from him. We figured why not?! We have a boy scout, 1 cub scout, and 1 will be a cub on January 26th, we might as well help out a scout. He delivered the pathetic little thing the weekend after Thanksgiving. It definitely had nothing on the Costco wreaths we're used to. We've been watching our account ever since wondering why the check never has gone through. You can imagine my surprise when I answered the door last Thursday night and the nice little boy scout handed me a wreath. A Christmas Wreath. On January 16th. My mind was having a hard time processing what I was seeing. 

Umm...did I just have a stroke?
Did I just dream the last month and a half? 
Am I being "Punked"? 

Brian came over because I was just standing there with my mouth hanging open. He told the scout that we already had our wreath. I told him that I had just thrown it away a few days before. He stood there looking at his clipboard saying but I hadn't brought this one to you yet. We told him that yes he had and we were just waiting for the check to clear. He said that he still has it because he hadn't delivered the wreath to us yet. We were finally able to convince him that he didn't need to give us the wreath and he went to his car where he and his parents continued to wrap their minds around it for like 5 more minutes.

I hope whomever the wreath belonged to is a much nicer person than I am...IF he figured out who that even was. I would not be a happy camper if I wasn't receiving my Christmas wreath until January 16th. 

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