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Monday, September 8, 2008
Oh My!

Max is such a wonderful little boy! He is 2 1/2 years old. He is so cute! I say it all day long! I just think he is adorable! His eyes and face are just so pretty! And you should hear him sing I Am A Child Of God, I Love To See The Temple, It's The Best Day Ever (Spongebob), etc.! So Cute!!! He says the cutest things and makes me and Matthew laugh all day long. He is a joy to be around and we are all so happy to have him in our family! Just whatever you do don't take your eyes off of him! Not for a minute! He is full of "curiosity" and is very "rambuncious". Let me tell you about just a few of his crimes. :) One time when I cleaned the upstairs bathroom he got ahold of the butter that I had accidentally left on the counter (I know better!) and dropped it on the floor and stepped in it and tracked it all over my clean kitchen floor and across the carpet in the living room and up the stairs I had just shampooed. The next time I cleaned that bathroom I had left the big liquid soap jug upside down on the kitchen counter so I could drain every last drop out of it and Max saw a fun opportunity. He pulled a chair up to the sink and filled up the jug with water and poored it all over my clean kitchen floor and then filled it up again. No one really knows how many times he did it but from the amount of water on the floor...I'd say it happened a lot of times. Now, I have to clean the bathroom while he is playing in the tub where I can see his every move! Some of you may remember the story of how he got ahold of my keys and put them in the ignition of our van and turned the key enough to put it in neutral and almost ran over our sweet little neighbor, Jessi, and gave me and her mother a heart attack! One day he went into the bathroom upstairs and poored conditioner all over his hair. One day Zack was going outside to ride his bike and Max ran out there after him, buck naked (he had just had a bath was wrapped in a towel and dropped it when he saw his chance to escape). I had to put one of those hotel locks on our door because he can open our deadbolt and he can get the child door knob cover protectors off. He tore up his poor Uncle J.J.'s plants in his garden. He tore the shelf off the wall that I had just hung last week in his bedroom. He writes in books and used to tear the pages out. I had to avoid the library for a while but luckily he seems to be past that stage! He writes all over every wall he comes in contact with. I have to hide all the pens and markers and crayons. He found out my hiding place today and was climbing on the chair to get to them and knocked Zack's baptism certificate on the floor and then got the ahold of the Sunchips bag and spilled them all over the certificate and tore it a little. Yesterday our kids made pictures for their grandparents for Grandparent's Day and Max decided to make himself a glue stick beard. He also put a big glob of glue stick on a heart shaped foam apparently and then stuck it on the carpet up stairs. One day he got ahold of my red fingernail polish and spilled it all over one of the back cushions on my tan couch. I have yet to figure out how to get that out. I'm open to suggestions! We went to my Mom's house in April to celebrate Stephanie's birthday and Max was down stairs with all the kids and tore the towel bar thing off wall of my Mom's bathroom that she just had finished last year so Brian spent the rest of the evening fixing that. You may remember the story about him jumping into the water at the lake. Just now while I was typing this blog he dropped his ceramic football shaped piggy bank down the stairs and it broke. See what I mean! I won't even start to tell you about the havoc he wreaked on my Mom's house when we lived there last summer but I will throw in a picture of him sitting in her sink since he loved driving us nuts with that little trick. I learned a long time ago that if I take pictures of the crazy things they do and look at it from a scrapbooking or now a blogging perspective it helps me to not blow my top so easily. I love my little Maxer Waxer so much and I truly do adore him! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father that He sent this beautiful, happy, healthy, strong, curious, smart, amazing little boy to me! He keeps me on my toes that's for sure! He makes life fun and keeps it exciting and honestly, I love every minute!

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